Welcome to Pennacook Learning Center!

Welcome to the home of the Pennacook Learning Center Day Treatment Program (PLC). PLC serves students from all schools across RSU 10. We provide a safe and secure setting where students can address their emotional, behavioral, and academic needs.

The staff at PLC believes that by teaching social skills and coping strategies, students will perform better in school and interact in positive ways with parents/guardians, teachers, adults, and their peers. These skills will assist each student as they strive to be more successful at home and in the community. Students who attend PLC are given the opportunity to access the community on a regular basis to practice the skills they have learned.

We believe in a team approach that includes high parent/guardian involvement as we support each student to reach the goals outlined in an individualized education plan (IEP). A key element of the program focuses on creating family connections by providing a place where parents/guardians have a strong voice and presence within our school.

The ultimate focus of the PLC Day Treatment Program is to return students back to the least restrictive environment and to help students create promising futures.

Please contact me at 364-2112 ext. 2112 or shwhite@rsu10.org if you have any questions or would like more information.

Shawn White

Program Director

2015-16 School Goals

Goal 1: The school will have a well-defined and publicized plan to ensure Weds. Morning professional development time is effectively used.

Goal 2: The school will have a well-defined and publicized plan to ensure Marzano Design Questions 2 and 3 become part of teacher practice through a variety of professional development and modeling activities.

Goal 3: The school will have a well-defined and publicized plan to ensure that the Pennacook Learning Center system of curriculum, instruction, and assessment is standards and proficiency based, leading to a proficiency-based diploma.

Goal 4: The school will develop a multi-tiered intervention system for behavior (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports – PBIS).