Focus on RSU 10 Library/Media Services

Each school in RSU 10 has a library that provides a wide range of services for our students and teachers. Gone are the days of the silent, oppressive rule-ridden library. I am happy to say RSU 10 libraries are very vibrant places staffed by energetic and creative Library/Media Specialists who are on the cutting edge of teaching and learning.  RSU 10 Library/Media Specialists play a critical role in supporting student learning. They are focused on teaching our students specific skills that will help them learn, study, research and inform themselves throughout their lives. Specifically, our Library/Media Specialists are engaged in supporting:

  1. Student Inquiry: Academic learning is no longer simply about students being able to learn what they are taught in class. Student learning in the 21st Century means that students are able to pose intelligent questions and respond to challenging problems. Library/Media Specialists play a vital role in helping students identify a multitude of electronic and print resources to be able to answer questions and solve problems.
  2. Guided Inquiry: Students need considerable guidance and support throughout the learning process to ensure that they are not simply “cutting and pasting” existing knowledge or text.   Library/Media Specialists and teachers educate students on how to create new knowledge from the analysis of a variety of informational resources.
  3. Literacy Competence: The amount of print information in the world has doubled, tripled, and quadrupled at an ever-increasing pace. How do students and professional educators discern high quality information from low quality information? Library/Media Specialists play a crucial role in encouraging our students to read more, read better, develop vocabulary, and develop a discerning eye for the information they read; they partner with teachers to support high levels of literacy for all our students.

Library BlogThis blog entry offers some descriptors and photos that should depict for you the role our Library/Media Specialists play in creating libraries that are geared towards Student Inquiry, Guided Inquiry, and Literacy Competence. Our libraries are providing an excellent service for our students and teachers.

To learn more about School Libraries in the 21st Century, go to:


Nearly 200 RSU No. 10 students participated in FULL STEAM AHEAD, a four-week summer program in July for students in grades one through twelve. The program was held at Mountain Valley Middle School and provided students of all ages learning opportunities in robotics, computer science, writing, blogging, photography, solar energy, arts and crafts, gardening, hiking, and many other learning and enrichment activities. The program is supported by various state and federal grants and is coordinated by Barb Radmore with support from the RSU Nutrition program and Transportation Department.


Over forty teachers, students, and administrators spent four days in July developing curriculum and instruction for GEAR-UP, an initiative in all RSU No. 10 middle and high schools designed to:

(1) Increase academic performance and preparation for post-secondary education

(2) Increase the rate of high school graduation

(3) Increase student and parent knowledge of post-secondary education options including four-year college, community college, trade programs, the military, and other opportunities

During school-year 2015-16, all RSU No. 10 middle and high schools will work towards these goals by focusing on Advisory Programs, Use of Technology for Career and College Planning, Achievement on High Stakes Tests, and Effectivie Transitions From Middle School to High School.

MLTI Conference


Eleven educators from RSU No. 10 participated in the Maine Learning Technology Summer Institute at Bowdoin College for three days in July.  This program was designed to provide teachers the time to learn, investigate, research, and develop skills to improve teaching and learning in the classroom.  Experts in integrated technology and the field of education from across New England were on hand to work with Maine educators.  RSU No. 10 participants were:  Gregory Parr, Ben Bridges, Dave Buck, Deb Carver, Zachary Reinstein, Maria Reinstein, George Reuter, Abigail Wood, Jeff Bailey, Laura Johnston, and Athena Sanders.

Central Office Staff

RSU No. 10 offices are located at 33 Nash Street in Dixfield.  The staff is available to help employees, students, and members of the public.  Telephone:  207-562-7254

Admin Ladies

Back Row, Left to Right:

Paula Puiia, Accounts Payable

Brenda Curtis, Transportation, Buildings, Grounds Assistant

Judy Horne, Wellness Center

Tracy Wilson, Payroll Specialist

Josette Duguay, Personnel Services/Administrative Assistant

Front Row, Left to Right:

Terri Cox, Administrative Assistant/Transportation and Grounds

Mary Dailey, Business Manager

Judith Houghton, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Building, Grounds & Transportation

Throughout the summer, employees in the Buildings, Grounds, and Transportation Department have been preparing for the new school year.  This work includes maintenance on over fifty buses, care of ball fields for athletics, thorough cleaning of buildings, and innumerable other projects and tasks to keep all the RSU grounds, facilities, and vehicles in top working order.