Welcome to the website serving Ms. Paliocha’s gifted & talented students at RES/MVMS/MVHS. Below is a photo of our 14th annual Rumford/Mexico poetry reading held at Mountain Valley High School.


This reading was one of the best attended events to date with more outstanding student publications than during any previous year…truly a moment worthy of pride for students, parents, and Ms. Paliocha. I often find myself explaining my purpose to many who remain skeptical about the universality of poetry and its value in teaching essential communication skills. I reiterate that my classes involve language. I teach students how to communicate more effectively, how to say what they mean, how to express their feelings,  thoughts, dreams, ideas; and perhaps most significantly, how to experience the joy of connecting with other human beings through the art of writing. And then one of my eight year old students summed it up beautifully in a note which she delivered to me on National Teacher’s Day: “Writing is just words on a page, But poetry is feelings and life. You taught me the meaning of poetry and now I no longer have to be held back. ”

Kathryn Rice

Kathryn Rice/Grade 3/RES

So perhaps I should welcome you to our site involving a program that, first and foremost, provides a non-threatening environment for kids to express their innermost thoughts succinctly, fluently, and eloquently; and, in such a way,  as to improve their quality of  living in a complex world through effective communication.

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