TW Kelly Dirigo MS Industrial Technology Program

Wording with the scroll saw on  a wood project!
Working with the scroll saw on a wood project!

Middle School Industrial Technology

All of our students, from sixth grade through eighth, take  Industrial Technology at TW Kelly Dirigo Middle School.  At the Middle School level, students are exposed to many areas involving technology. For many students this is the first time that they he or she has ever used even basic hand tools.  Students are given the opportunity to try many new things and gain confidence taking their first steps into what many of them consider to be the “grown up” world.

It was common place just a short time ago for children to work alongside their parents around the home doing basic home maintenance, cleanup and chores.  Society seems to have changed enough so that this is far from “common place” today.  Many children are not learning the most basic mechanical skills and common knowledge or (“common sense”) that many of us grew up learning at home.

Middle School Industrial Technology is an opportunity for students to regain some of this knowledge.  Students are able to experience how  science and mathematics relate to the “real world” as these two subjects are incorporated in every technology unit.

Some themes that are covered at the Middle School level are:

Simple Machines-

Basic hand tools and how to use them

Bicycle maintenance and repair

Compass, GPS and Maps

Area, volume, triangulation, using the Pythagorean Theorem and other basic math skills as they apply to our activities


Soldering copper pipe and methods of basic plumbing

Basic electrical