Dirigo High School Cougar Paw Program

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Welcome to the Dirigo High School Cougar Paw Program website.  If you are interested in accessing specific grade requirements for Cougar Paw, please select the grade level in the header above.

Cougar Paw Mission Statement
The mission of the Cougar Paw program is to guide students toward their post-secondary career choices by fostering and environment in which they can identify personal preferences/interests, develop strategies for achieving short and long term goals, investigate post-secondary options, and obtain the skills and knowledge that will enable them to become productive, responsible citizens.

Vision Statement
The Cougar Paw program addresses three areas:
Connecting to an adult in the building(s)-students are assigned an advisor when they enter high school, and remain with this advisor until they graduate.
Career Preparation- a sequential 4-year program which utilizes assessments and inventories to assist students in clarifying their interests and investigating careers aligned with them.  Students will use this information to design appropriate post-secondary plans.
Career Portfolio Development-students will prepare and exhibit a portfolio that documents the attainment of Dirigo High School Expectation for Learning, as well as progress toward their short and long term goals.

Program Goals
Give students the opportunity to bond with a staff member who will be a part of their support system for four years.
Give students the opportunity to participate in a community service project and a job shadow day
Provide students with a safe environment in which to socialize, work together and support one another
Give parents a contact person in the school
Give the school a venue to disseminate important information such as report cares, schedules, etc.
Give students the opportunity to explore career options and post-secondary plans

Why the Portfolio is Important
It’s a logical place to compile evidence of a student’s accomplishments at Dirigo High School
Students, teachers, parents and administrators will be able to monitor academic progress and growth through work collected in the student’s portfolio
Students and staff can collaborate and determine work that  demonstrates the full potential of each student
Students will have an artifact that demonstrates growth and learning during four years at Dirigo High School

Cougar Paw Credit
Students will receive .25 credit each year, upon completion of the Cougar Paw requirements.  One full Cougar Paw credit is required for graduation.


Please contact me if you have questions about Dirigo’s Cougar Paw program.

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