Below is short description of the roles each team member plays in the school and the district.

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Sara Murphy is a Special Education Teacher at Dirigo Elementary School in Peru, Maine. Sara has worked with children with special needs for over 7 years and has been employed by RSU #10 for the past 6 years.  As part of the Maine Autism Leaders Team from the Western Foothills Regional School Unit, Sara is committed to supporting the needs of children with ASD, their families, and the educators who work with them.  EMAIL:

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Charlie Swan is the principal of Dirigo Elementary School.  He is entering his third year at the school, and previously was the assistant principal/athletic director at Dirigo High School.  Prior to retuning to his home-town to reinvest in the schools that he once attended, Charlie taught both in South Korea and St. Louis.  Charlie joined the team with limited knowledge about Autism Spectrum Disorder, but because of a high percentage of ASD students at DES is excited to discover how to best meet their needs. EMAIL:


Jessica Swan currently works with special education students to help them meet social services goals on their IEPs.  She has worked in RSU10 for 5 years and is currently a student in the school psychology program at USM.  EMAIL:



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Sarah Thompson is a first grade teacher at Dirigo Elementary School in Peru, Maine.  She has been employed by RSU #10 since 2004.  She has worked with ASD students and provides classroom experiences to the team.  She is a reflective practitioner who continues to learn best practices to use in a classroom setting.   EMAIL:


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Tricia Fletcher is an Educational Technician II at Dirigo Elementary School. She has worked with children with ASD for 3 years.  Tricia is committed to supporting students with ASD reach their full potential.  She is excited to have the opportunity  to be involved with our Maine Autism Leadership Team, and looks forward to the new knowledge she will be learning and in turn sharing with others in her field.             EMAIL:


Cathy Hazelton is a speech and language pathologist contracted with the RSU #10 schools since 2008.  Cathy began her private practice in 1988 and spent many of those years working with preschool children through CDS Opportunities.  Although servicing students with many developmental needs, Cathy is spending an increasing amount of time working with children diagnosed with autism.  Cathy is excited to be a member of the autism team in order to continue learning and sharing evidence-based best practices for improving communication and social interactions for students.  EMAIL:

 Mike Butler is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP), M.Ed.M.SP.  Mike is a consultant in schools for children with developmental disabilities, Autism and behavioral difficulties.  Mike is also a school Evaluator for Special Education.  EMAIL:

Clarissa Errington is the Director of Special Education for RSU #10 and therefore oversees the special education programs in 9 different schools.  Clarissa is a former special education teacher and has extensive knowledge working with a variety of students with special needs.  EMAIL: