The Maine Autism Leaders Team of RSU #10 is committed to providing access to resources and opportunities for training to ensure children with ASD, their families, and educators have the tools and supports they need to be successful. This group of professionals has developed goals that will address the following needs that exist in our schools and our communities: 

  •  To provide professional development opportunities to educators on the characteristics of ASD and Evidence Based Practices to ensure teachers and paraprofessionals have the understanding and skills needed to work with children on the spectrum.
  • To create an easy to use family and community resource guide to inform and educate those outside of the school setting about ASD.

Autism team

The above picture highlights who is a member of the team.  Since this picture was taken Tracy Merrill has moved to a different school and we have added Cathy Hazelton and Tricia Fletcher to the team.  (Back Row from left to right: Tracy Merrill, Sara Murphy, Charlie Swan, Mike Butler, Front Row from left to right: Jessica Swan, Sarah Thompson, Clarissa Errington).

Autism Team Meeting @ DES

autism team with jennifer 2 autism team pic with Jennifer

 Above are a couple of pictures from our recent meeting involving Deborah Rooks-Ellis who is a professor at the University of Maine in Orono.  Deborah has worked with our team over the past couple of years and is also the professor of the ASD class that some of our team members are enrolled in. (Pictured from left to right: Cathy Hazelton, Deborah Rooks-Ellis, Sara Murphy, Trisha Fletcher, Sarah Thompson)