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Proficiency-Based Education

RSU 10 was recently granted an extension that allows our high schools to award proficiency-based diplomas no later than 2021. The extension gives teachers, administrators and the RSU 10 Board time to refine its system of preparing students for graduation and life after graduation. RSU 10 is identifying ways that students can meet some Learning Targets with Region 9 and Region 11 programs rather than at their high schools. We will soon revise policies to support external learning such as internships, dual enrollment by which students earn both high school and college credits, and personalized plans.

With our recent award of a GEAR-Up grant, we will strengthen our middle to high school transition and our system of supports for students who struggle to succeed at school. Middle and high schools will also strengthen their Advisory programs, which will be one way that teachers and students track progress and problem solve, if needed. Our Early Aspirations connection to Maine College Circle provides scholarships to students in grades three through six who already know what college they may want to attend and what career they see for themselves.

RSU 10 is changing its student learning technology to Empower. Teachers are learning to use Empower to create lessons and to track student progress. In the near future teachers will use Empower to make digital collections of resources for the students, to communicate assignments, and as a social media to communicate with students and parents about the current curriculum unit. Much like PowerSchool, which parents have used in the past, Empower will show parents their student’s assignments, progress, teacher comments, and grades. Parents should watch for more information from their schools on how to log-in to Empower.

People learn in different ways and at different times. These are the basic facts that RSU 10 has used to make its new Progress Reporting system (i.e. Report Card). With Dirigo Elementary School leading the way, Progress Reports will show which Learning Targets (i.e. expectations) a student has met and which are yet to be met.      There is no averaging of grades. Learning during the early part of the trimester is not expected to show proficiency. As the school year progresses and the student continues to learn, the student’s grade is expected to be a 3, or higher, showing Proficiency. New to the DES second trimester Progress Report will be additional information that shows if the student is On Pace to become proficient by the end of the year. In the past parents knew that their child was On Pace, or doing as expected, by the teacher’s comments or grades of C or higher. Board policies will be revised to define how the new reporting system will be used for eligibility, for honoring students, and for decisions about advancement from one level to another.

 Maine Educational Assessment

During the months of March through May, students in grades three through eight as well as third year high school students will take Maine’s new state test. Developed by the national organization, Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, the new Maine Educational Assessment (MEA) will test students in mathematics and in English Language Arts. Different this year will be the use of computers and iPads as the way to take the on-line test. Science will be tested as in the past with a paper and pencil test.

Also new this year is a mathematics and an English Language Arts (ELA) Performance Task. The mathematics Performance Task requires students to solve a multi-step math problem. The ELA Task requires students to read sections of articles and books then use the information to write an essay. Parents and community members are encouraged to take the MEA Practice Test

A Practice MEA Test is available for everyone. To take the Practice Test.

  1. Go to this on-line site: A password is not needed and the test can be viewed multiple times.
  2. Follow the arrow to the Practice Test.
  3. Click Sign In.
  4. Select a grade and click Yes.
  5. Choose a test or Performance Task.
  6. The next page shows various adjustments that could be made, if this was a real test, for students who need additional help in taking the test. For the Practice Test, click Connect,
  7. Click Yes, Start My Test.
Public Notices

Fall 2014 Curriculm Update:

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